58MM Thermal Cloud Printer GP-5890

৳ 5,000


58MM Thermal Cloud Printer Gprinter GP-5890


Printing Print method Direct thermal line
Print width 48mm
Dot density 384dot/line
Print speed 90mm/s
Interface GPRS
Paper Width:57.5   ±0.5mm,Paper diameter:Φ83mm
Line space  3.75mm(can be   adjustive)
Column number  Font   A-32columns/Font B-43columns/Simplified、Traditional Chinese-16columns
Character Size ANK characterFont A1.5×3.0mm12×24dot
Font B1.1×2.1mm9×17dot
Simplified/Traditional Chinese3.0×3.0mm(24×24dot)
Fonts GB2312
Barcode Code page PC437/Katakana/PC850/PC860/PC863/PC865/West   Europe/Greek/Hebrew/East   Europe/Iran/WPC1252/PC866/PC852/PC858/IranII/Latvian/Arabic/PT151,1251/PC737/WPC/1257/Thai   Vietnam/PC864/PC1001/(Latvian)/(PC1001)/(PT151,1251)/(WPC1257)/(PC864)/(Vietnam)/(Thai)
Buffer Data 4K bytes
NV Flash 60K bytes
Power Cashdrawer out DC 12V/1A
Power adaptor Input:AC   110V/220V,50~60HzOutput:DC 12V/3A
Power supply DC 12V/3A
Physical Weight 0.94kg
properties Dimension 225×143×129mmL×W×H
Environment Work environment Temperature:5~45℃,   Humidity:10-80%
Storage environment Temperature:-10~50℃   Humidity:10~90%
Reliablity Mechanism 50km


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