Rongta RT-350 Mini Cash Drawer

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Rongta RT-350 Mini Cash Drawer


Rongta RT-350 Small Cash Drawer and built-in RJ11, RJ12, USB interface, where length is 180mm and depth is 48mm. In this drawer Coin Box Size is two boxes in right: 55 x 76mm, removable coin box size is 170 x 76mm with 200 unique keys and three lock positions. This Cash Drawer also has Micro switch C, NC or C, NO drawer, Microswitch C, NC or C, NO, 4 Bill & 3 Coin Slots. Here is also has removable 3C, 4C, 5C, 6C, or 8C optional, the right coin box is fixed and its width is 78/71/71/64 mm, Length is 180mm; Depth is 48mm, Life Test is 1,000,000 times, Compliance with enterprise standards Dropping Test, Vibration Test is Compliance with enterprise standards with 3.5Kg weight.

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