৳ 97,000


  • Model: Zebra ZT410
  • Print Speed:840.9 inch/min
  • Connectivity:USB, LAN, Bluetooth
  • Resolution:203 dpi


Zebra ZT410 Series Industrial Barcode Label Printer


Zebra ZT410:

Model: Zebra ZT410

Print mode: thermal transfer / thermal sensitivity

Resolution: 203dpi

Print speed: 14 inches / sec (356 mm / sec)

Print width: 4.09 inches /104 millimetre

Print length: 203dpi: 3988mm

Memory: 256MB RAM

Flash memory: 512 MB

Sensor form: transmission and reflection

Standard: USB 2 high speed, RS-232 serial port, 10/100 Ethernet, Bluetooth 2.1, USB host

Optional: parallel (bi-directional interface)

Wireless: Zebra Net printer server – support 802.11 a/b/g/n network

Product feature:

1. Application flexibility

The performance of the printer is extended with the help of various excellent media functions and media options.

By customizing the printer, the current and future business needs are matched with the media processing options that the end user can install.

The use of high resolution printing to ensure that the output of the small label application has excellent quality.

2. Easy integration

USB host port can easily transfer data from USB flash disk by mapping and expanding mapped memory function, so as to achieve simple printer configuration.

3. Easy to operate

Dynamic QR codes provide on-demand support based on Web, which can quickly solve printer errors.

Through Print Touch TM, these Link-OS supporting printers provide the web page startup function using near field communication (NFC), which is easy to access Zebra comprehensive knowledge base including operation guide video and product support.

Medium – and ribbon path lighting style easy to see the inside of the printer, even in low light environment is still so.

4. Easy to manage

The Link-OS environment of Zebra provides enhanced capabilities that can monitor, manage, and maintain printers from any location.

Cloud connectivity enables Link-OS – based printers to interact safely and directly with the cloud environment for printing and device management.

Profile Manager enables you to edit and manage a printer in the world, bulk printers or all Link-OS enabled printers anywhere in the world.

Application industry :

Express logistics, clothing industry, jewelry industry, mall supermarket, medical industry, library, warehousing, manufacturing and so on.

*Warranty: 01 (One) Year.


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