ZkTeco U260 Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine


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Key Feature:

  • 2.8 inches TFT Screen Display
  • Fingerprint+Password
  • Finger capacity:3000
  • Transaction capacity :100000
  • Communicational: USB TCP IP RS232/485
  • Power:DC 5V


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ZkTeco U260 Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine

ZkTeco U260 Description:

Introducing the ZkTeco U260 Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine: Your Ultimate Workforce Management Solution in Bangladesh!

Are you ready to step into the future of efficient attendance management, enhanced security, and streamlined operations for your business in Bangladesh? Look no further than the remarkable ZkTeco U260 Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine. Designed to cater to the unique needs of businesses in your region, this cutting-edge device is set to redefine how you manage your workforce, optimize operations, and drive productivity to unprecedented levels.

A New Era of Attendance Tracking:

Say goodbye to traditional attendance methods and embrace a smarter, more accurate approach. The ZkTeco U260 introduces state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint recognition, empowering your employees to effortlessly clock in and out with a simple touch. Experience enhanced accuracy, reduced errors, and a modernized attendance experience that sets your business apart.

Vast Fingerprint Capacity:

Designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, the ZkTeco U260 boasts an impressive fingerprint capacity of 3,000 users. This ensures that your growing workforce can be easily managed, with attendance records accurately recorded and securely stored.

Seamless Record Management:

With a record capacity of 100,000, the ZkTeco U260 guarantees that every attendance interaction is meticulously documented. Whether you’re managing a small team or a bustling workplace, this device ensures that your attendance records are maintained with precision.

Intuitive Display and User-Friendly Features:

Navigate through the features seamlessly with the intuitive 2.8-inch TFT screen. The ZkTeco U260 is equipped with a range of user-friendly options, including a 9-digit User ID system for precise identification, Workcode integration, SMS notifications, DST (Daylight Saving Time) adjustments, Webserver capabilities for remote access, a Schedule Bell for structured workdays, Self-Service Query for transparency, Automatic Status Switch for seamless shifts, and T9 input for efficient text entry.

Efficient Connectivity for Convenience:

Designed with connectivity in mind, the ZkTeco U260 offers seamless communication through TCP/IP and USB-host/client (optional) options. This ensures that your attendance data is readily accessible and can be integrated seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

Customize to Your Needs:

Tailor your ZkTeco U260 experience with optional functions like ID/IC/HID support for enhanced security and multiple verification modes for added flexibility. Additionally, benefit from External Printer and Bell integration, ADMS for streamlined data management, and Photo ID support for visual identification.

Software Synergy:

Experience the harmony between hardware and software with supported solutions like ZKTime.Net and ZKBio Time. These software options take your workforce management to new heights, ensuring a seamless experience for both administrators and employees.

Reliable Power and Compact Design:

Operating on a DC 5V 2A power supply, the ZkTeco U260 is built for reliability and efficiency. Its compact dimensions of 192.3mm length, 138.8mm width, and 42.7mm thickness ensure that it seamlessly fits into your workspace without taking up unnecessary room.

Empower Your Workforce Management:

The ZkTeco U260 Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine is more than a device; it’s an investment in your business’s success. From precise attendance tracking and enhanced security to streamlined operations and a user-friendly interface, it’s the tool you need to elevate productivity and efficiency within your business in Bangladesh.

Embrace the future of workforce management with the ZkTeco U260. Witness the transformation it brings to your attendance tracking and business operations. Choose the ultimate solution and embark on a journey towards streamlined efficiency, accuracy, and success that sets your business apart from the competition!

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ZkTeco U260 Specification:

Parameter Details
Fingerprint Capacity 3,000
Card Capacity 10,000 (Optional)
Record Capacity 100,000
Display 2.8-inch TFT Screen
Communication TCP/IP, USB-host / Client (Optional)
Standard Functions 9-digit User ID, Workcode, SMS, DST, Webserver, Schedule Bell, Self-Service Query, Automatic Status Switch, T9 Input
Optional Functions ID / IC / HID, Multiple Verify Modes, External Printer and Bell, ADMS, Photo ID
Supported Software ZKTime.Net, ZKBio Time
Power Supply DC 5V 2A
Verification Speed ≤ 0.5 Sec.
Operating Temperature 0 °C – 45 °C
Operating System 20% – 80%
Dimension 192.3 × 138.8 × 42.7mm (L × W × T)
Net Weight 1.10 kg

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