Honeywell OH3502 1D Wireless Barcode Scanner

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  • Brand: Honeywell
  • Model: oh3502
  • Interface: Wireless
  • Type: 1D


Honeywell OH3502 1D Wireless Barcode Scanner

Honeywell OH3502 Descriptions:

Experience the ultimate scanning efficiency with the Honeywell OH3502 1D Wireless Barcode Scanner. Designed for optimal performance and versatility, this advanced scanner empowers businesses in various industries to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Wireless Freedom: Say goodbye to tangled cables and restrictions. The Honeywell OH3502 offers wireless connectivity, allowing you to move freely while scanning. With its reliable wireless technology, you can effortlessly scan barcodes from a distance, ensuring flexibility and convenience in your workplace.

Rapid and Accurate Scanning: Efficiency is key, and the OH3502 delivers. Equipped with high-performance scanning capabilities, it swiftly and accurately captures 1D barcodes with precision. No more manual data entry or delays—experience the speed and accuracy that significantly improves workflow and reduces errors.

Versatile Functionality: Whether you’re in retail, warehousing, or logistics, the OH3502 adapts to your business needs. It is designed to scan a wide range of 1D barcodes, including UPC, EAN, and Code 39, making it suitable for various applications. From inventory management to point-of-sale transactions, this scanner is your reliable companion.

User-Friendly Design: Ergonomics and ease of use are at the forefront of the OH3502’s design. Its lightweight and ergonomic construction ensure comfortable handling during prolonged scanning sessions. The scanner’s intuitive interface and simple operation further enhance user convenience, minimizing training time and maximizing productivity.

Long-Lasting Battery Life: With the OH3502, you can rely on continuous scanning without frequent battery changes. Its built-in rechargeable battery provides long-lasting performance, allowing you to keep scanning throughout the day. The scanner also features a convenient battery indicator, ensuring you’re aware of the battery level at all times.

Durability and Reliability: The OH3502 is built to withstand the demands of daily use. Its rugged construction ensures durability, even in challenging environments. Whether it’s accidental drops or rough handling, this scanner can handle it all, ensuring uninterrupted operation and longevity.

Enhance your business operations with the Honeywell OH3502 1D Wireless Barcode Scanner. Enjoy the freedom of wireless scanning, rapid and accurate barcode capture, and a versatile design that adapts to your industry needs. Boost productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction with this reliable and feature-packed scanner from Honeywell.


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