GPrinter GP-7645 Dot Matrix Printer

Key Feature:

  • Print command: ESC/POS
  • Resolution: 203DPI
  • Print speed: 4.5/sec
  • Print width: 76mm
  • Print density: 400 dots/line


GPrinter GP-7645 Dot Matrix Printer

GPrinter GP-7645 Description:

Introducing the GPrinter GP-7645 Dot Matrix Printer – Your Ultimate Printing Sidekick!

Hey there, fellow tech enthusiast! 🖨️ If you’re on the hunt for a top-notch dot matrix printer that’s all about speed, precision, and flexibility, let me introduce you to the superstar of printers – the GPrinter GP-7645! This printer is here to make your printing dreams come true, whether you’re in an office frenzy or a cozy home setup.

Tech Marvel at Your Service: Say hello to the future of printing with the GPrinter GP-7645 and its cool direct thermal printing tech. With a print resolution of 203DPI, this printer transforms your documents into picture-perfect works of art – seriously, you won’t miss a single detail!

Bolt of Lightning Speed: Need stuff printed ASAP? The GP-7645’s got your back with its lightning-fast print speed of 4.5 inches per second. Your print jobs will be done before you even finish your coffee break!

Wide, Clear, and Oh-So-Precise: Stretching across a 76mm print width, the GP-7645 is the master of accommodating all your printing needs. With 400 dots per line, it ensures that your prints come out looking as sharp as a tack.

Smart Features, Smart Printing: This printer isn’t just smart; it’s genius! It’s got all the bells and whistles like thermal sensitive resistance-based print head temperature detection, microswitch magic for print head position detection, and a transmissive sensor that knows when there’s paper to print on. All these goodies ensure your prints are spot on, every single time.

Easy Breezy Connectivity: Don’t you just love options? The GP-7645 sure does! It comes with Serial, Parallel, USB, Ethernet, and Bluetooth connectivity. So, whether you’re wired or feeling the wireless vibe, this printer can totally jam with your devices.

Characters, Fonts, and Flair: Get creative with your prints! The GP-7645 supports ANK characters, Simplified/Traditional Chinese characters, and various font sizes (Font A: 12×24 dots, Font B: 9×17 dots, Chinese: 24×24 dots). Plus, you can play around with character enlargement, rotation, and even inversion printing – it’s like a print party!

Media Mingle and Thickness Tango: This printer’s a social butterfly – it can handle single-layer paper (0.060.085mm) and even multi-layer paper (0.050.08mm, total thickness ≤0.2mm). And when it’s time for your print to shine, the upward feeding media output method delivers perfection.

Rock-Solid and Reliable: With a print head reliability that can handle up to 10 million lines, the GP-7645 is the Hulk of printers – tough and ready to take on any printing challenge you throw at it!

Oh, the Places It’ll Print: This printer feels right at home in temperatures from 0°C to 40°C and humidity from 30% to 90% (non-condensing). And if it needs a nap, storage temperatures from -20°C to 55°C keep it cozy.

Quality Checked and Certified Awesome: The GPrinter GP-7645 is proudly certified by CCC and RoHS, ensuring that you’re getting a high-quality piece of tech that’s also kind to the environment.

Elevate your printing game with the GPrinter GP-7645 – the friendly genius that’s here to make your print life easy-peasy. Get ready to rock your printing tasks with style and efficiency! 🚀

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