Honeywell HH480 2D Image Barcode scanner In Low Price

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Honeywell HH480 1D&2D

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Honeywell HH480 1D&2D

Honeywell hh480 1D & 2D image scanner, low price, outstanding performance, not only in line with ergonomic design, and more favorable and practical, to meet the needs of a variety of applications. If you are looking for a high quality, low-cost 2D image scanner, the HH480 will be your best choice.

First-class reliability design: no mobile components, with a shock absorber exterior design, while ensuring long-term work at the same time, reduce the additional maintenance costs.

Well-designed, ergonomic reliability Design: Suitable for high-intensity hand-held scanning of the best gun-shaped structure to ensure that the operator’s comfort and operational efficiency.

Adapt to the future development: to provide affordable two-dimensional bar code scanning function, a machine to meet the current business and future bar code scanning needs.

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